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Timberland how to: Stop my boots from making my feet sweat in summer!

Preventing sweaty feet when wearing boots in the summer requires three points of attack: your feet, your socks and your boots. Keep your feet dry using antiperspirant powders. Choose socks that allow air to flow and absorb sweat. Ensure your boots are made from breathable materials.

Tackling sweaty feet is essential for anyone wearing boots in the summer. This guide will take you through the three main areas to consider when seeking to prevent and limit sweat: boots, socks and your feet themselves.

Since 1973, Timberland has constructed footwear trusted as work boots as well as chosen for style, and this guide includes some recommendations for boots that won’t leave you sweating all summer.


Feet sweat when they get hot as a part of the body’s natural process of cooling itself down. Sweat is released from glands in order to evaporate from the skin and provide a cooling effect.

Feet tend to be one of the sweatiest parts of the body as they contain a high density of sweat glands and are usually enclosed in footwear, preventing the evaporation of perspiration from the skin.

If you are on your feet all day, your feet can become hot, damp, and uncomfortable, especially if walking and working in boots. Sweat does not smell when it is released from glands, but if it remains on the skin, bacteria start to break it down, releasing a pungent odour.

Feet sweating inside your boots are uncomfortable but also increase the risk of blisters. If feet are regularly damp, you are more likely to develop athlete’s foot and other fungal infections. Not only do your feet smell, but damp boots can become smelly themselves.


To stop sweaty feet in boots, choose well-fitting boots that are made from breathable materials. This will allow airflow to the feet, aiding the evaporation of the sweat on the skin. Look for socks that are made from sweat-wicking fabrics to move moisture away from the skin quickly.


Leather is naturally breathable, allowing water vapour to escape through its porous structure. This gives leather boots an advantage over other materials such as rubber, which will leave your feet much sweatier. The type of leather makes a difference in airflow, with nubuck and suede increasing breathability.

To combat sweaty feet in boots, look for nubuck leather such as the iconic Timberland Premium 6-inch boot for maximum breathability.

Our reBOTL uppers use recycled plastic bottles to create a breathable, durable mesh lining. Try the Radius Alloy-Toe Work boots to see this remarkable recycled fabric in action.

The Timberland Splitrock XT work boots include a breathable and moisture-wicking lining with anti-microbial treatment for odour control. Ideal as safety boots, reinforced toe, puncture-resistant plate and anti-fatigue technology make them functional as well as comfortable.

For summer hiking, the Mt. Maddsen Hiking Boot for Women has a breathable, waterproof membrane to keep your feet dry during long hours on the trail.


Keeping your boots clean is also vital in the battle against sweaty odours. After a long, hot day of use, start by cleaning any residual mud off the surface. Allow your boots to air out in a warm, dry room but avoid applying direct heat.

To aid the drying process, scrunched-up newspaper or kitchen roll can be used to absorb sweat from the inside. For extremely wet footwear, remove the laces and open up the shoe further to increase drying efficiency.


Choosing boots that fit well is important in the battle against sweat and odours. Boots that are too tight will make the feet get hotter, resulting in increased levels of sweat. Conversely, if you are wearing boots that are too big, your feet will slide and move around inside the shoe, increasing the likelihood of developing painful blisters.

To find well-fitting boots, try the boots on before buying. The fit should be snug around the foot, with enough space for you to wiggle your toes so that your foot doesn’t slide when walking.

Check that they are comfortable around the foot and ankle and that you can walk comfortably. Thick socks will change the size of boot you may need, so take your work socks with you to try the footwear on.

New boots can take a while to ‘break in’, so wear them for shorter periods of time at first before long journeys or full work days.


The right socks to combat sweaty feet in boots will be quick drying and breathable. Merino wool performs well due to the porous nature of the fabric, wicking sweat away from the skin quickly, and preventing clammy feet. A unique feature of merino wool is that it traps bacteria, actively working against the odour of sweaty feet.

The Timberland Logo Crew socks are made from hardwearing merino wool with elastane that adds stretch for comfort. Crafted for comfort and performance, these socks are durable for long days at work as well as for moving moisture away from the skin.


To prevent foot sweat and odour, start with good foot hygiene. Wash your feet regularly and dry thoroughly after washing them. Using talcum powder or other antiperspirants for feet will absorb moisture while adding insoles can combat odours.

Reducing foot sweat and odours starts by keeping your feet clean. Wash your feet every day, especially after excessive sweating, in order to clean away any remaining sweat and bacteria. It is vital to ensure that your feet are completely dry after washing or showering. If the feet remain damp, fungal diseases like athlete’s foot can develop.

Talcum powder or other foot powders can be applied to your feet after washing to ensure all moisture is removed from the skin. These powders can also be applied to the foot immediately before putting on your socks and boots for the day to absorb moisture as you start to sweat.

Antiperspirants work by using metallic salts to block pores in the outer layer of the skin, preventing sweat from being released. If you regularly suffer from excessively sweaty feet, trying an antiperspirant should be your first line of attack.

Odour-absorbing insoles can also be added to your boots to neutralise the smell released by bacteria breaking down your sweat.


Timberland is proud to create a tried and trusted range of boots for work and pleasure. Constructed for comfort and performance, you’ll find premium materials and classic designs, equipping you with versatile, durable boots that won’t let you down.

Whether you’re looking for a hardwearing work boot or relaxed, off-duty shoes, we’ve got footwear for every occasion.


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