Kind Denim | New Look

  • 18 th February 2022 Community

Fashion that makes us look and feel good? We’re sold. New Look’s sustainable denim isn’t just wardrobe-friendly, it’s earth-friendly too. From jeans to jackets, let’s work together towards a better future for our planet with the New Look Kind denim.

Shopping sustainably isn’t always easy, which is why New Look created kind.┬áKind is about more than clothes, but it’s a good place to start.

New Look is committed to being a force for good within the fashion industry. With the Kind range, they’re helping you to make more considered choices without compromising on the style you love.

Kind products are available across all of New Look’s ranges – including Curves, Tall, Petite and Maternity. They’re created with kindness at their core, following all of the conscious criteria. This takes into account the fabrics used, the processes involved (like using reduced energy, less water and fewer chemicals) and ensuring good environmental and social conditions in the factories for the people that make New Look’s clothes.

Kind products already make up over 50% of the range, but New Look are committed to making it even more sustainable by constantly seeking out new, smarter ways to help you make kinder fashion choices.

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