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The ultimate hot chocolate | Hotel Chocolat

Tis the season for a hot chocolate. It’s the perfect way to take the chill off of a winter’s night. So whether you’ve got a sweet tooth, or prefer a more of a bitter kick why not check out the Hotel Chocolat range.


What else screams Christmas apart from hot chocolate? Gingerbread.

“Made with 70% dark chocolate, it’s deep and intense and we add in plenty of ginger to ensure you get a tongue-tingling kick every time you enjoy a mug. But fear not, we’ve balanced it perfectly with the chocolate so there’s no risk of losing the deep cocoa notes. The combination of dark chocolate and ginger is simply stunning and will delight anyone who likes it when their hot chocolate isn’t too sweet.”

Hot chocolate sachets (x10) – £13

Salted Caramel and Clementine

You’ve heard of salted caramel. Well now there’s a new kid on the block.

“As classic as, but far more satisfying than, a satsuma at the bottom of your Christmas stocking, these sachets bring the perfect balance of subtle sweetness and uplifting citrus. Zesty notes of clementine and a hint of Seville orange pair beautifully with caramel chocolate. A dash of sea salt enhances all the ingredients and ties them together for a well-rounded, satisfying flavour.”

Hot chocolate sachets (x10) – £13

Hazelnut Praline

Move over Nutella, there’s a new kid on the block.

“Whether it’s when you’re winding down at night or when you just need a little cheering up, indulging in this hot chocolate is the perfect way to inject some warmth into your day. Cuddle up with a steaming mug of it and prepare to be enveloped by fuzzy feelings of comfort. However, it’s also satisfyingly indulgent, so you can use it to treat yourself whenever you’re craving a little chocolatey lift. Maybe you’re having a bad day or maybe you want to reward yourself – whatever the occasion, this creamy hot chocolate has you covered.”

Hot chocolate sachets (x10) – £13

Dark Chocolate and Mint

Love it or hate it, mint and chocolate is a classic combo. And it’s here to stay.

“Bringing together the not-too-sweet richness of our 70% Dark Hot Chocolate and ice-cool Tasmanian peppermint, we’ve created the perfect balance of chocolate and mint. The mint is crisp and refreshing but never threatens to overpower the rich chocolatey taste – exactly how mint hot chocolate should be. Whether you’re here for the chocolate or for the mint, we’re confident that you’ll be impressed.”

Hot chocolate sachets (x10) – £13

Black Forrest Gateau

Deep from the forrests of Germany, into a classic dessert that Christmas shouldn’t be without.

“Its combination of juicy dark cherries, rich chocolate sponge and sweet whipped cream makes it a well-loved and indulgent treat. Now you can get those decadent flavours in a velvety cocoa drink. With our Black Forest Gateau hot chocolate sachets, you’ll enjoy the perfect portion — just the right amount of opulence to satisfy without becoming overwhelming.”

Hot chocolate sachets (x10) – £13




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