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Sleep Easy

2am on Sunday marks the end of Daylight Savings Time. As the clocks go back, we all get an extra hour in bed, something most of us will welcome.

But around half of all adults don’t get enough sleep, for one reason or another. Make sure you get adequate shut eye with our top tips and products from Holland & Barrett in Lion Yard.

Holland & Barrett

Health experts Holland & Barrett have lots of advice on getting better sleep, and a whole range of wonderful natural products to help you on the way. Take a look at five ways you can improve your sleep:

Make your bedroom comfortable

Sometimes sleep problems are simply caused by our environment. Outside noise, the wrong temperature, too much light or an uncomfortable bed can all disturb our sleep. These come with relatively easy fixes, such as earplugs, extra blankets, an eye mask and a new mattress.

Think about your diet

Sleep problems can often be caused by something you’ve put into your body. Avoid stimulants in the evening: caffeine is the obvious one, but sugar and nicotine are also culprits. Although alcohol helps you drift off, it causes broken sleep, so you may find that you wake up feeling tired after a nightcap. Eating a big meal late at night can cause discomfort and bloating, so try to leave a gap between dinner and bedtime.

Stick to a routine

As kids, we always knew when our bedtime was, as adults we tend to be a bit more flexible. If your bedtime varies a lot, you’re always up late, or you often take naps in the day, it can really get your body clock out of sync. Having a bedtime routine will aid a natural sleep cycle and help you get consistently good quality sleep.

Relax before bed

Stress is one of the main causes of sleeplessness. Whether you’re going through a tough time or simply caught up with the day-to-day worries of a busy life, take time to unwind before bed. Spending just half an hour doing something that calms you can help clear your mind and get you ready for sleep.

Light some scented candles and do some yoga or meditation. Take a hot bath and add a few drops of lavender oil to help calm your mind. Stay away from screens; they emit a blue light that can interrupt normal sleep patterns. Instead, try reading a book in bed with a cup of herbal tea.

Try natural remedies

Even if you normally sleep well, we all have nights when we just can’t seem to nod off. On those nights, it’s handy to have a few herbal remedies in your medicine cabinet. Holland & Barrett have a fantastic range of these in store to help you get to sleep without needing sleeping tablets.

Make the most of your extra hour in bed this Sunday. Drop by Holland & Barrett in Lion Yard and talk to one of their store associates about how you can get better sleep.




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