Peachy and Aubergine viral treats | at LUSH!

  • 08 th January 2020 Community

Lush’s Peachy and Aubergine viral
treats are back with some new

Alongside the bath bombs, Lush has also launched limited edition Peachy and Aubergine soaps – the perfect treat to give the one you love this Valentine’s Day!

New! Aubergine soap (£7.00 each)
Limited edition 

If you’re a fan of sparkling, uplifting fragrances then this soap will do the job. Bulging with fruity bergamot, zingy litsea cubeba and sweet ton-ka, this scent has stamina, lasting on the skin long into the night. For suds worthy of a swipe right, take a firm grip and lather up.

New! Peachy soap (£7.00)
Limited edition 

Now this is a soap you can get behind. Brand spanking new product and absolutely dripping in peach, grapefruit and davana, a lather with this soap with leave you feeling sweet and cheeky. Go on, check out what all the fuzz is about.

Aubergine bath bomb (£4.95 each)

Feeling fruity? Here’s a tip! After swiping right, the easiest way to express our feelings is with the power of an emoji. When you need something that really hits the spot, pop this sweet and zingy bath bomb into the water and enjoy a steamy soak in deep purple waters.

Peachy bath bomb (£4.95 each)

Here’s a firm handful they’ll swoon over, with peachy pink swirls of colour whirling around in the water. The perfect sweet treat after a fruity session, give this peach of your heart to someone you love this Val-entine’s day, or treat yourself to a bit of naughty indulgence. Cheeky!

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