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  • 24 th February 2020 Community

Hotter Fit
We believe that comfortable shoes should be available for feet of all shapes and sizes, which is why we offer a wide selection of full and half sizes, as well as a choice of fitting options. During March we will be holding a special event in our stores to highlight the importance of wearing shoes that fit perfectly.

Four Fittings
We now offer a choice of 4 fitting options on styles across the range: Slim – our new fit, which is the equivalent of a C fit; Standard – a generous D fit; Wide – which is an EE fit; and Extra Wide – our largest fit, equivalent to an EEE.

So you think you know your shoe size?
We are currently rolling out an exciting new digital fitting service in a number of our stores.

The Hotter Footprint uses innovative digital measuring technology to create a 3D image of your feet; determining your size, fit and arch type with pinpoint accuracy. Using these details our Fit Experts can help you find shoes that offer a precision fit for your measurements.

All you have to do is step onto the platform for a few seconds while the Hotter Footprint takes your measurements, then your 3D foot profile will appear on the screen along with some recommended styles that should fit you perfectly – it’s that simple!


You can find your nearest store at Cambridge

12 Petty Cury

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